Wednesday 4th Mar 2020



Our grounds team at the Eikon Exhibition Centre are an integral part of every event here at the venue, and are very often noticeable as a quick-moving blur of navy during build up and breakdown of events.

Accumulating over 100 years' experience of event builds between a team of six, the team are well versed in ensuring the venue is ready for any event taking place at the Eikon - whether this be a trade show, a consumer event, a business to business exhibition or an agri event, event organisers can be rest assured that the grounds team will have the venue prepared. 

At the Eikon, we are proud to offer a number of event build services, including forklift hire and forklift driver. We have a range of equipment available, including a stock of barriers on site which can be utilised for events such as crowd barriers, heras fencing and traffic cones. 

Under the watchful eye of our Operations Manager, David Browne, the grounds team make a huge contribution to the success of events here at the Eikon. 

David Browne himself has been in the event operations business for over thirty years, beginning out his event days at the King's Hall Complex in Belfast.

"All of our events differ operationally," said David, "and we enjoy working one-on-one with all of our event organisers to deliver a tailored service to meet their requirements, and build a working relationship. We want to work with organisers to ensure their event is a success at the venue."



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