Tuesday 15th Oct 2019

“Eikon”-ic Electrics for Exhibitions

“Eikon”-ic Electrics for Exhibitions

Any event organiser will know how important the correct supply and installation of electricity is when it comes to organising an exhibition.

Further enhancing the venue’s offering for event organisers, the Eikon Exhibition Centre has developed a purpose-built electrical installation system, devised from many years of working with organisers and learning about their precise needs.  

An electricity busbar system runs along the perimeter of the venue’s internal space, from which supply tap-off boxes can be installed.

From there, supply can be brought to areas throughout the exhibition space, either by overhead in the Eikon or underground in the Logan Hall.

Event organisers are given a list of approved contractors from which they can then source indicative costings individual to their specific requirements. The list contains an approved list of highly experienced and reputable electrical contractors, who have many years of experience working in exhibition and event electrics.

Three-phase electricity is available throughout the venue.

The electrical provision is further enhanced by a generator system on stand-by in the event of a power-cut, from which supply will be automatically engaged.

The Eikon works closely with a mains electrical contractor, who will certify the event electricians installation to ensure the safety of the electrics. The mains electrical contractor ensure that our electricity provision is maintained and



Please speak to our Sales & Business Development Executive for any further information.

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