Tuesday 2nd Jul 2019

Strides forward for National Balmoral Championships

Strides forward for National Balmoral Championships

Event organisers from National Balmoral Championships have partnered with an online entry system called Horse Monkey who operate at hundreds of locations throughout mainland UK.  It is arguably the biggest change since the event moved to the new venue, Balmoral Park, back in 2013!

Competitors can go to the Ulster Region website (www.ulstershowjumping.ie) and select the links from the National Balmoral Championship page, or navigate to the horsemonkey.com website and search showjumping Ireland in the affiliation search facility.  It can also be found through this website by searching under the event name  or by date (14th to 17th July).  Once competitors have located the event, they click the enter now button and enter their details choosing the classes they want and paying online.

The details required are the same as would previously have been written onto the manual entry forms, so organisers are optimistic that it will provide a fast and efficient service for every competitor.  As details will be stored on each competitors’ free account, future entries will be even quicker to do from mobile app or computer.

Competitors can also download the free Horsemonkey app which will allow them to enter their details on the go via their phones.  This will also be particularly useful when they qualify for championship classes and entries open for those competitors.

Classes not using this entry system include the Ballyward Equestrian Ulster region 1.35m, the Uderwriting Exchange National Grand Prix and the TRM/HSI New Heights.  All other classes will be entered through the online Horsemonkey system. 

Should competitors have any difficulty using the system, there is a live ‘help chat’ facility on the website, or if some competitors have trouble accessing a computer or phone connected to the internet, the show secretary can be reached via phone on 07568427137.  Entries close on Thursday 11th July which is next week! 

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