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Top 6 Tips for the Perfect Event or Exhibition

Top 6 Tips for the Perfect Event or Exhibition

As one of the top venues in the UK, we know a thing or two about running an event or exhibition that’s slick, smooth and, above all, a success. It’s what we do best!

So we thought we’d share some of our well-earned knowledge of what makes for a good public, trade, corporate or festival event – and why you should have one.

Let’s start right there…


Businesses big and small can benefit from an event, whether it’s for your own brand or bringing together a range of partners to represent an industry or service area.

Whether trade based or consumer focused, it’s a great way to create a buzz, a platform to promote your product or service, or an opportunity to bring your business to a much wider audience.

Trade shows generally represent an industry and their customers on a grand scale (think craft, leisure or the home market), but find a flexible space and anything is possible: businesses of all sizes can put together an event, alone or with complementary business partners, allowing them to communicate their message to a select audience without competition from other exhibitors!

Exhibitions, events or trade shows are also a great opportunity to launch a product, carry out product or market testing, or gain industry feedback that is invaluable to long term success.

  • Showcase your product or service in a tailor-made setting
  • Get face-to-face with a warm customer base
  • Create a sense of exclusivity that appeals to invited guests
  • Control everything – from the venue to the timing
  • Create an event that exactly matches your needs

Now that we understand the ‘whys’, let’s get into the ‘whats’…

Our experienced events team not only know how to tailor everything the Eikon Exhibition Centre can offer to your specific needs, but they’re also the experts with it comes to insider info on event planning – here are their top tips on the things that make for a successful event:



It doesn’t have to be extensive, but it does have to be right. Knowing your market – and what they want – is the first step in ensuring you create an event that will be attractive to the broadest audience – and so well-attended.



Allocating a proportion of your marketing spend to an event can be a great asset to your bottom line. The immediacy and dynamism an event generates can have a ripple effect across the year by creating a pivot around which all of your other marketing can be amplified: creating an instant marketing calendar, if you like.

The other important thing about budget is to stick to it! Events can easily escalate, so get a rough idea about the essential elements and the nice to haves and don’t stray too far from either!

Our favourite watchwords for event planning? Simple and professional!



It’s what we’re here for! Our expert event managers have unrivalled knowledge on what can be achieved at the venue. The team have a proven track record in managing exhibitions, conferences, corporate dinners, concerts, product launches and everything in-between. 

Combined with the desire and passion for bringing outstanding events to Northern Ireland, our team is unmatched in delivering excellence. 



It’s what you do anyway, right? But here it’s particularly important. Event planning and implementation needs everyone to get on board – not only to lighten the load and make everything more efficient, but to also help create and amplify the buzz to your customers and across the marketplace.



Events are big deals, so you want to get as much out as possible. And there is so much you can do that goes beyond just generating sales:

  • Find out about your market
  • Collect data
  • Build a list of warm leads
  • Offer promotions
  • Generate goodwill with giveaways
  • Maximise buzz around a new product or service
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Network with like minds and potential partners
  • Motivate and engage your staff
  • Find new talent and recruit to your team
  • Feed into product research

And, last but not least…



Don’t assume that a smaller event will take less time to put together: giving yourself a longer lead time in every case is key to getting exactly what you want out of the event, whether that’s securing availability of the venue when and where suits you, or beginning to seed marketing communications so your audience and make plans to attend.

Get inspired by the kinds of events already coming up at the Eikon and explore how our space can become your place with the help of our team.

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