Tuesday 24rd Oct 2017

Article 1 of 3 in why you should make OUR SPACE, YOUR PLACE in 2018!

Article 1 of 3 in why you should make OUR SPACE, YOUR PLACE in 2018!



Making it easy for attendees to get to your event is essential to maximising attendance. That applies equally whether it’s an invited audience or you want to appeal to a cross section of the public. 

Convenience can also mean different things to different audiences: a local audience will travel a reasonable distance, while a national or international audience will appreciate a location near an airport or convenient to their accommodation.

The location of the Eikon Exhibition Centre was identified as it is adjacent to the M1 and A1 intersection the main arterial routes in Northern Ireland, making it ideal for your attendees. 10 minutes from Belfast and 84 minutes from Dublin reaches a huge potential audience of 4-million people.

At the venue they will be welcomed with 4,000 free on-site car parking spaces. This makes accessibility to your event simple and straightforward whilst ensuring the individuals event spend is reached by you and your exhibitors. 

This is one of the major advantages of being an outer city venue, whilst also not having to deal with problems such as traffic congestion, maintenance works and road closures.



Northern Ireland has a vibrant exhibition and events sector which has the facilities, skills and experience to deliver world class events. 

Northern Ireland operates in the same time zone, regulatory environment and with a similar culture to the rest of the UK. The region has a strongly pro-business climate.  As part of the UK, the region benefits from the strength of the UK economy and its low-inflation, low-interest rate climate.

The region is renowned not only for its work ethic, but for the friendliness of the people and the quality of life. It offers more than simply skilled people, competitive costs and great infrastructure; it's a location that delivers altogether more for event organisers.

You can cross Northern Ireland by car in about two hours – north to south, or east to west – but in between there is a rich variety of scenery, activities, and a host of cultural attractions and leisure opportunities for your team, contractors and attendees.


Dynamics of Eikon Exhibition Centre

  • 20 minutes from 750,000 people
  • 90 minutes from 4m people
  • Within 30 minutes drive of 70% N.I. population    
  • 30 minutes to 2 regional airports
  • 60 minutes from London (By Air)
  • 84 minutes from Dublin


Get inspired by the kinds of events already coming up at the Eikon and explore more on how our space can become your place with the help and guidance of our award-winning team.

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