Why Northern Ireland?

About Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland offers a first class environment for doing business.  It has a vibrant exhibition and events sector which has the facilities, skills and experience to deliver world class events. 

The region is renowned not only for its work ethic, but for the friendliness of the people and the quality of life.  

The region offers more than simply skilled people, competitive costs and great infrastructure; it's a location that delivers altogether more for event organisers.

You can cross Northern Ireland by car in about two hours – north to south, or east to west – but in between there is a rich variety of scenery, activities, and a host of cultural attractions and leisure opportunities.



Low-inflation, low-interest rate climate

Northern Ireland operates in the same time zone, regulatory environment and with a similar culture to the rest of the UK.  The region has a strongly pro-business climate.  As part of the UK, the region benefits from the strength of the UK economy and its low-inflation, low-interest rate climate.

With Dublin less than 90 minutes by rail or road, Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK that shares a land border with a Euro participant (Republic of Ireland).  As a result, the sector is experienced in regularly conducting business in Euro.

Three regional airports deal with almost seven million passengers a year and run daily scheduled flights to destinations in Britain and Europe.  London is less than an hour away by air.

The Region boasts four ports. Belfast Harbour is the second busiest port on the island of Ireland with over 100 ferry and freight sailings per week to Britain and Europe.

Minutes from London (Air)
Minutes from Dublin
AIrport Passengers

So Why Eikon?

Why Us?

As a location, Eikon Exhibition Centre at Balmoral Park has exactly what event organisers are looking for – an operations team that is experienced, smart, innovative and success-driven. We are people who will go the extra mile.  

Combine this with a superb infrastructure and excellent support packages and you have the ideal location.  Eikon offers highly attractive and competitive packages tailored to individual organisers needs 

The Eikon team work with organisers to ensure all the necessary support is given throughout the life-cycle of an event to develop and improve the sustainability and success of the event.  


Dynamics of Eikon

  • 20 minutes from 750,000 people
  • 90 minutes from 4m people
  • Within 30 minutes drive of 70% N.I. population    
  • 30 minutes to 2 regional airports
  • 84 minutes from Dublin



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