Wednesday 1st Apr 2020

An Iconic Venue: The King's Hall of Fame

An Iconic Venue: The King's Hall of Fame

In these current unprecedented circumstances, there has never been more time to reflect.

Looking back on our journey over the past five years, the programme The King’s Hall of Fame by BBC Northern Ireland has come at an ideal time.

The programme reflects on our previous home, The King’s Hall Complex Belfast, from which we moved in 2015 to our new, purpose-built exhibition centre, the Eikon Exhibition Centre at Balmoral Park, Lisburn.

The programme not only focuses on the iconic venue, but on some of the events that dominated the Northern Ireland events industry of the 1900s, including the Ideal Home Show, The Motor Show and various concerts including the Beatles and U2.

The King’s Hall of Fame is available on BBC iPlayer for the next 11 months.

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